Welcome to Dev By Design!

Dev by Design is all about providing well-planned, professional development work. We specialize in custom solutions that meet specific user needs. We operate with a focus on detail, because we believe that good work means dedication.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and architect websites, developing them efficiently to create functional, beautiful websites.

Our mission is to provide design and development work that is detail oriented and makes each website more usable, accessible, and professional.

We do this by:

  1. Having clear communication with our customers about their needs and goals
  2. Creating a web-friendly, fluid design that presents the customer's brand effectively.
  3. Architecting the desired website features with efficient coding practices
  4. Providing tools to automate processes to save customers time and present data more clearly
  5. Maintaining code regularly to ensure security
  6. Providing reliable hosting with scalability options

Our Designs

Designing for web is a unique design skillset. With constantly progressing technological approaches and endless screensizes to adapt for, web design has to be fluid and flexible. Whether you have an existing print design or not, we can help you establish your design for web. 

Our design services can help you regardless of what stage your branding is in. We can help you identify your brand approach and establishing your styleguide. When that is clear, we can translate your brand to a responsive web-friendly design.


Our Development

Our development process always begins with discussing goals and coming to a clear understanding of the project's needs. Your priorities are our priorities. We keep up to date with current technologies and libraries to provide our customers with the best solution in efficient time. Modules and code incorporated into your website will be vetted for security and maintenance status prior to use, so you can trust the code "under the hood" will be up to best practices.

Our priorities in developing your website include three aspects:

  1. High quality code on the back end. 
  2. Ease of use for the customer to update your content and automate your processes 
  3. Usability and clarity for the end-user

We enjoy tackling unique features and finding the best approach to meet your specific needs. No website is exactly the same. 


Our Customer Support

Once you have your shiny new website, our service doesn't end there. 

It is our priority to create convenient interfaces for you to edit your pages and to use automation to make your content updates as convenient as possible. However, sometimes finding your way through your website can still be daunting, or you may have questions about how things work. That is why we provide thorough training. Our training includes walk-throughs of our clean interfaces, and any editing process you would do on a regular basis to create or update flexible content pages. We can also explain the "how it works" behind the parts and pieces of your website for your technical team members. At Dev By Design, we also prioritize buliding options for you that can be easily configured. Your content and site can be customized as your needs change or your content adjusts.  We also provide timely support and training if anything is every unclear when using your website.

Every website needs to be maintained to ensure security, and we can recommend good options for hosting and maintenance.

Our Services