Our Services

Web Design​

Using the unique design skillset of web design, we stay up to date with new technological approaches and endless screensizes to adapt for: web design has to be fluid and flexible.

Web Development

High quality code on the back end and automation of your processes help future-proof your site and improve scalability.

UX Testing

Easy and intuitive usability for the end-user is one of our top priorities. Without a smooth design, the user experience can feel like navigating a maze.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and architect websites, developing them efficiently to create functional, beautiful sites.

Our mission is to provide design and development work that is detail oriented and makes each website more usable, accessible, and professional.

User Focused

Having clear communication with our customers about their needs and goals.

Creating a web-friendly, fluid design that presents the customer’s brand effectively.

Efficient Work

Architecting the desired website features with efficient coding practices.

Providing tools to automate processes to save customers time and present data more clearly.

Quality Product

Maintaining code regularly to ensure security.

Providing reliable hosting with scalability options.

Packages & Pricing

Every website is different: each has a different audience, goal, design, and set of features. We provide custom solutions to give you what you need. Here at Dev By Design, we know that your website should be a custom product. We believe attention to detail brings about high quality work.

We offer several packages to meet your needs at a price you’re happy with. Visit our Pricing page to see more details about the Small Business Package, the Custom Development Package, our Testing Services, or our Content Editing & Proofreading Services. We also have packages for consulting and brand theming!

Vendor Credentials


Dev By Design LLC is a Stanford University Approved Vendor

(Approved to be contracted with for Stanford University Purchase Orders. Contact for Vendor ID.)

Pantheon Partner

(See the Pantheon Partner Preferred Pricing page for Discounts)

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John L.
Katria is one of my favorite people that I’ve worked with over the years. She is a creative developer with both back-end and front-end skills. Katria drives for customer success and dedicates herself to achieving results. She knows Drupal inside and out, and she makes great recommendations. Read more
Rebecca B.
Katria is an exceptional Drupal developer. Ever since I started working at BYU, she has provided resources and mentored me personally to help me understand the Drupal interface and back-end including theming, GitHub integration, module development, and efficient backups/updates. Read more
Vicki R.
Katria has a positive “can-do” attitude and is great to work with on all types of projects. She doesn’t shy away from learning new technologies, and is very comfortable conducting any research and/or training necessary to complete ambitious projects. Read more
Bryan O.
Katria is an awesome Drupal developer and front end developer. She can build and maintain Drupal sites as well as build them out as headless web services and web component development which is a-typical for a single person to be able to manage all aspects of the development stack to do this. Read more
Sherwin H.
Katria is knowledgeable and diligent in her work habits. She spends all the necessary time to make sure she is providing a complete product that people are happy to use. I would recommend her highly for any development job, even if she doesn’t have the experience in a specific technology. Read more
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