About Us

Dev by Design is all about providing well-planned, professional development work. We specialize in custom solutions that meet specific user needs. We operate with a focus on detail, because we believe that good work means dedication.

Our team has a blend of skills and backgrounds, but we all enjoy building websites that are beautifully designed and strategically built.

Meet the Team

Katria Lesser

Owner, Web Developer & Designer

Katria Lesser directs the team and is the lead Front End developer. Her work with various universities and companies has led to a strong network in the Drupal community. She attended Brigham Young University and expanded her Web Design and Development skills. She began work with Drupal in 2011 and has enjoyed learning other technologies. Her years working for Brigham Young University involved her in many activities with the web community there, and she enjoyed building the official BYU Themes in Drupal. Katria was active in the Design Group tasked with defining a new standard BYU web identity. Katria then developed the BYU Web Components with the BYU Web Engineering Group and helped establish web standards and a cross-platform coding approach across campus. 

Katria also worked remotely for Stanford University. Her position at Stanford Web Services involved helping different departments and doing front end development with Drupal and other technologies. She helped establish base themes to be used by multiple sites, and explored new technologies to prepare for multiple headless projects. Her team now does contract work with several teams at Stanford.

Katria has been involved with the Drupal Utah group and has assisted with trainings and educational events. She has also worked freelance with several companies including Imagine Learning and Sure Leader.

She enjoys theming and web design, as it touches on her creative interests. She enjoys acrylic and watercolor painting, scrapbooking, and playing with her daughter. On a Saturday afternoon you’d find her crocheting, watching cooking shows, or making home decor projects. She believes you can find art in any part of life. She lives with her husband and daughter in Vineyard, Utah.

Monique Hale

WordPress Developer & Site Builder

Monique is a detail-oriented web developer focusing in WordPress and Drupal. As a site builder, she specializes in consulting with clients to improve their content strategies and approaches. Monique has worked with Dev By Design on many projects, including launching an online education platform, that they recreate and set up for other businesses interested in selling online courses. Before starting her freelance website work, she worked for a software company for 10 years. 

Monique also has a background in Public Health, is fluent in Spanish, and is passionate about education. She enjoys gardening, reading and spending time with her adorable grandkids.

Richard Dworianyn

Drupal Developer, Backend Developer

I have over 17 years of experience in web development utilizing Drupal, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. My focus and specialties lie in data architecture and design for small to medium size businesses. I primarily work on back-end Drupal development as well as server management. I have a bachelor degree in Management Information Systems and a master’s degree in Library & Information Science. During my free time I enjoy baking, table tennis, and video games.

Lance Hale

Web Developer

Lance enjoys creating elegant solutions to present data and automate tasks.  He has an engineering background, with over twenty years of software and web development experience.  Lance worked for networking giant Novell, Inc doing technical support, product testing, and software engineering.  He polished his skills working at Extended Systems before founding Print Tracker, a company with customers on six continents.  Lance enjoys research and development, troubleshooting, and taking on challenges.

Lance lives with his family in Boise, Idaho where he enjoys outdoor activities and caring for his chickens. He enjoys setting up zip-lines and go cart arenas in their large yard for the kids. 


John L.
Katria is one of my favorite people that I’ve worked with over the years. She is a creative developer with both back-end and front-end skills. Katria drives for customer success and dedicates herself to achieving results. She knows Drupal inside and out, and she makes great recommendations. Read more
Rebecca B.
Katria is an exceptional Drupal developer. Ever since I started working at BYU, she has provided resources and mentored me personally to help me understand the Drupal interface and back-end including theming, GitHub integration, module development, and efficient backups/updates. Read more
Vicki R.
Katria has a positive “can-do” attitude and is great to work with on all types of projects. She doesn’t shy away from learning new technologies, and is very comfortable conducting any research and/or training necessary to complete ambitious projects. Read more
Bryan O.
Katria is an awesome Drupal developer and front end developer. She can build and maintain Drupal sites as well as build them out as headless web services and web component development which is a-typical for a single person to be able to manage all aspects of the development stack to do this. Read more
Sherwin H.
Katria is knowledgeable and diligent in her work habits. She spends all the necessary time to make sure she is providing a complete product that people are happy to use. I would recommend her highly for any development job, even if she doesn’t have the experience in a specific technology. Read more
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