Dev by Design is all about providing well-planned, professional development work. We specialize in custom solutions that meet specific user needs. We operate with a focus on detail, because we believe that good work means dedication.

Our team has a blend of skills and backgrounds, but we all enjoy one thing - creating something impressive.

Meet the Team

Katria Lesser profile

Katria Lesser

Owner, Web Developer & Designer

Katria Lesser attended Brigham Young University and expanded her Web Design and Development skills. She began work with Drupal in 2011 and has enjoyed learning other technologies. Her years working for Brigham Young University involved her in many activities with the web community there, and she enjoyed building the official BYU Themes in Drupal. Katria was active in the Design Group tasked with defining a new standard BYU web identity. Katria then developed the BYU Web Components with the BYU Web Engineering Group and helped establish web standards and a cross-platform coding approach across campus. 

Katria now works remotely for Stanford University. Her position at Stanford Web Services involves helping different departments and doing front end development with Drupal and other technologies.

Katria has been involved with the Drupal Utah group and has assisted with trainings and educational events. She has also worked freelance with several companies including Imagine Learning and Sure Leader.

She enjoys theming and web design, as it touches on her creative interests. She enjoys acrylic and watercolor painting, scrapbooking, and playing with her daughter. On a Saturday afternoon you'd find her crocheting, watching cooking shows, or making home decor projects. She believes you can find art in any part of life. She lives with her husband and daughter in Vineyard, Utah.

Lance Hale

Lance Hale

Web Developer

Lance enjoys creating elegant solutions to present data and automate tasks.  He has an engineering background, with over twenty years of software and web development experience.  Lance worked for networking giant Novell, Inc doing technical support, product testing, and software engineering.  He polished his skills working at Extended Systems before founding Print Tracker, a company with customers on six continents.  Lance enjoys research and development, troubleshooting, and taking on challenges.

Lance lives with his family in Boise, Idaho where he enjoys outdoor activities and caring for his chickens. He enjoys setting up ziplines and go cart arenas in their large yard for the kids. 

Jared Hale Profile

Jared Hale

Web Developer

Heya, names' Jared. First thing you need to know about me is how much I love making things look Nice. I find it aestheticly pleasing to fix up websites, build computers, or just to trim the extra 3-D filament off of printed objects. I often find myself bored, so creating something new has become my fulcrum; which is why I love to write so much. I've read a myriad of different fictional books, and written many chapters of my own. I'm not some 30-year veteran of the coding/websiting business, but I've got good mentors and I'm learning fast on the job. I'm also going through several JS, HTML/CSS programs on the side to give me a bit more of a diverse skill set. Hopefully soon I'll be able to change this bio to say I'm a full-time professional; of course if I did that I'd have to write it in third person like a crazy person.

William Wallace

Web Developer

William currently works as a web developer for the Brigham Young University Office of IT. His tasks there have included work on custom Drupal modules for use on BYU websites, BYU-specific web components, ways to host sites using AWS resources efficiently with various Docker solutions, and he is currently working on creating applications using a low-code platform called Mendix. William is very well-versed in anything Linux, having used it since he was about twelve years old. He also does a good amount of code for fun on the side using languages such as Python, Kotlin, C#, and more.
William is now living in Provo, Utah, where he is studying Electrical Engineering at Brigham Young University. He also plays the trumpet, and currently plays for the BYU marching band. William also enjoys building computers and playing video games with his wife.

Kyle Hale

Web Developer

Kyle graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Computer Science and has worked as a full stack web developer for 5 years. Kyle is a driven developer that loves to provide customized, quality work. He has experience with many technologies, including Javascript, Typescript, Angular, Drupal, Wordpress, PHP, SQL, and NodeJS.
Kyle enjoys Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, and weight-lifting. Kyle speaks Spanish and Belizean Creole and loves to learn new things. He also enjoys traveling and has visited 9 countries outside of the United States. Kyle currently lives in Boise, Idaho.